Aggregator Pattern in Akka using Scala

May - 30 2016

The Aggregator Pattern is pretty useful for adding / removing / tracking akka actors. (kinda like treating an functional array like an array of actors)   Let start with the base code from Akka here. Its not part of the akka library by default   Once we import this into our project we can […]

Scala Implicit’s Passing / Conversions

May - 30 2016

package Training import org.scalatest.{Matchers, FlatSpec} object ObjectType { final val Original : String = “Original” final val New : String = “New” } case class OriginalObject( name: String, age: Integer, location : String, ObjectType : String = Training.ObjectType.Original ) case class NewObject( newName: String, newAge: Integer, newLocation : String, ObjectType :String = Training.ObjectType.New ) object […]

Scala Patterns – Cake Pattern

May - 19 2016

I think its about time i started jotting down some of the patterns I’m starting to utilise in Scala. For both myself and other s to gain insight from.   Here is something i put together package Training import org.scalatest.{Matchers, FlatSpec} import scala.collection.mutable //Animal Type so we can see waht we have selected in the […]