Monitoring Network Data over ports on Linux Red Hat 6.4

Aug - 06 2014

No plugin needed   creates a script to see how much data was sent / received over ports in 1 minute in this case ports 7000, 9160, 9042 The script creates a listener, waits for 1 min, prints the results then removes the listeners Need to be super user (“su”) to run change “eth1″ to […]

Installing Cassandra 2.0.7 Cluster on Red Hat 6.4

Aug - 01 2014


Download Files Download and uncompress the Cassandra files to your a folder of your choice Setting up a Cluster On Master Node Open conf/cassandra.yaml cluster_name: “MyCluster” (used to identify this cluster) seeds: “″ rpc_address: listen_address: auto_snapshot: false (so we don’t take a snapshot before we do a commands like truncate which can timeout requests) […]